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Williams & Williams has had the good fortune of representing the nations credit grantors for forty-seven years. Our contingency rate is competitive and allows for greater return to you. Our recovery rate is far superior to that of any other service in this area of collections. Our account managers and attorneys are dedicated in their efforts. Our extensive database and online services increases our ability to relocate individuals who have gone out of business, moved/skipped therefore enhancing our ability to recover contractual obligations and open accounts. Our best recommendations are others whom we have served over these years.

Fees for Services All fees are contingency fees based on the amount collected by Williams and Williams or received after transmittal of account to W&W. (quotes given upon inquiry)

Special Handling Special handling matters, will be done so at a reduced rate on an agreed to individual account bases. Cost of litigation is determined and is dependent upon local filing fees. This will include filing fees, service of summons, special bailiff charges, initial discovery, and attorney fee. These funds will be advanced by Williams and Williams and will be billed monthly. Suit authority must be in writing. Contingency rates increase by 10.

Cancellations No fee applies as long as no funds have been transferred or agreements made or if the case is not in litigation. Law Department consulting/counseling.

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